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Mutual Learning events organised within the framework of the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness (EPOCH) aim to support Member States to develop and improve their national homelessness strategies, through knowledge sharing and discussion of national practices.

The collection of comprehensive and reliable data to serve as a basis for effective policy making and monitoring systems is essential in the fight against homelessness and housing exclusion. Bringing together academic experts and representatives of Member States together with delegates from cities and NGOs, the 5th Mutual Learning event aspires to explore the implementation of successful existing models of homelessness data collection and analysis to promote evidence-based policies and initiatives.

The first day of the Mutual Learning event will look at available analytical data and tools at Member State and EU level. Member States are invited to contribute by sharing their experiences at national and local level. The second day of the mutual learning will be divided in two workshop sessions where participants will discuss in turn two topics:

  1. Analytical tools for policy making; the OECD will lead these sessions and will present their work on data mapping and a policy toolkit.
  2. New estimates of homelessness at national and EU level; in this session FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbe’ Pierre will discuss their report 8th Overview on Housing Exclusion in Europe.

In both workshops, participants are invited to actively engage with the work presented and share their experience and practices at national and local levels.”

After the plenary session of the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness, the event will finish with a dinner at Les Ateliers du Midi, a social integration project, with guest speaker(s).

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